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Qualified teacher


Fully qualified English teacher with a Masters in Applied linguistics and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages



Experienced teacher with substantial experience teaching English in Universities, colleges and schools across the UK 

Courses to suit you


Lessons are designed specifically for you and your needs, and are tailored to your language level.

What courses are offered?

English as a Second Language

English lessons avalaible for all levels and abilities from complete beginner to advanced learners.

English for Academic Purposes


Looking to improve your English before going off to college or University? Book now to start learning! 

Speaking and Listening


Confident in reading and writing but need to improve on your speaking and listening? Then this is the course for you!

GCSE English Language and Literature

Struggling with getting high grades in English? Can't wrap your head around Shakespeare? Book lessons now!

English for Specific purposes


Are you looking to improve your English for a specific reason? Perhaps you want to practice for a job interview or a specific role in a company.

Speaking and Listening


Want to improve your speaking skills? Become more confident when practicing with a native English speaker. 

* please note lessons are for females only for the time being 


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